Leader of CP Parties! Leader of CP Parties! 5 October 2012

Thanks for all your help guys!

This wiki is going really well keep up the good work everyone!

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Fecth Fecth 15 September 2012

Ask Fecth!

Ask questions about me here and I wll gladly answer them! (^.^)

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GrandCroconaw66 GrandCroconaw66 15 September 2012

A Day Life of Koopa Troopa (a Story)

Hello all, i'm planning a story about a Koopa Troopa's life,

any users can be club penguin characters and mario characters and MLP FIM Characters:

  • Me - Lyra Heartstrings
  • Custard - Koopa Troopa
  • ? - Twilight Sparkle
  • Custard - Gary The Gadget Guy
  • ? - Rockhopper The Friendly Pirate
  • Fecth - Applejack
  • ? - Dry Bone
  • ? - Mario The Plumber
  • ? - Rookie
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Jonah Simm Jonah Simm 15 September 2012

Custard's Wiki

WOW! This wiki IS interesting! I think I'm gonna make a page about myself!

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