The 1962 manga.

Himitsu no Akko-chan is the FIRST magical girl in history.

The manga ran in Japan from 1962 to 1965.

The series had 3 TV shows: 1969-1970, 1988-1989, and 1998.

It also had a movie released on September 1, 2012.

Videos in Japanese[edit | edit source]


比較してみよう!どっちがお好き?TVひみつのアッコちゃん シーズン1 第1話 jp old anime-0

1969 episode 1


ひみつのアッコちゃん 最終回

last episode of the 1969 version


比較してみよう!どっちがお好き?TVひみつのアッコちゃん シーズン2 第1話 jp old anime

1988 episode 1

Videos in Spanish[edit | edit source]

Videos in Italian[edit | edit source]


Stilly e lo specchio magico 01 Un magico inizio

1998 version episode 1 in Italian


Stilly E Lo Specchio Magico 02 Un Simpatico Pinguino Alla Riscossa

1998 version episode 2 in Italian

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